VMware vCenter Server 5.5.0a

VMware vCenter Server 5.5.0a


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VMware vCenter Server provides a scalable and extensible platform that forms the foundation for virtualization management. VMware vCenter Server, formerly VMware VirtualCenter, centrally manages VMware vSphere environments allowing IT administrators dramatically improved control over the virtual environment compared to other management platforms. VMware vCenter Server:
* Provides centralized control and visibility at every level of virtual infrastructure
* Unlocks the power of vSphere through proactive management
* Is a scalable and extensible management platform with a broad partner ecosystem

Centralized Control and Visibility at Every Level

VMware vCenter Server is the simplest, most efficient way to manage VMware vSphere whether you have ten VMs or tens of thousands of VMs. It provides unified management of all the hosts and VMs in your datacenter from a single console with an aggregate performance monitoring of clusters, hosts and VMs. VMware vCenter Server gives administrators deep insight into the status and configuration of clusters, hosts, VMs, storage, the guest OS and other critical components of a virtual infrastructure all from one place.

With VMware vCenter Server, virtualization environments are easier to manage: a single administrator can manage 100 or more workloads, more than doubling typical productivity in managing physical infrastructure.

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