Symantec Pcanywhere Corporate Edition (2 CDs)

Symantec Pcanywhere Corporate Edition


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The number one best-selling remote control software

Access vital data and applications from anywhere The Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5 Host and Remote Standard License software enables one computer to remotely control and access another computer, establishing a one-to-one connection. Both host and remote components can be installed together on the same computer or separately on different computers.

Key Technologies
* Remote Access and Remote Control

Key Benefits
* Reliable, protected remote connectivity - Gateway functionality makes it easier for remote users to find the hosts they need
* even when they?re behind firewalls or routers or that don?t have fixed or public IP addresses.
* Support for multiple platforms - Users can connect to and manage computers running Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Universal, or Microsoft Pocket PC operating systems.
* Efficient remote troubleshooting - Best selling Symantec pcAnywhere gives technical support personnel powerful remote management and problem-solving tools. Problems can be diagnosed quickly and corrected on desktops, laptops, and servers by viewing and controlling them remotely. If necessary, users can even run crucial operating system utilities on a remote system. Robust file transfer capabilities include support for efficient batch transfers.
* Simple and quick navigation - Users enjoy a familiar interface and automated connections.

* Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5 employs a single setup for all supported languages.
* Lightweight Quick Connect application allows simple access to frequently used remote connections.
* Multiple monitor support allows you to specify a monitor to view or to scroll among all attached monitors on the host computer.

CD1: Symantec pcAnywhere Corporate Edition
CD2: Symantec pcAnywhere Host-Only Installations

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