VMware vCenter Lab Manager

VMware vCenter Lab Manager


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Provide on-demand access and automated management of the private cloud for dev/test with VMware vCenter Lab Manager. Application owners, development, QA, and training teams can deploy, capture and share multi-tier application environments in seconds while IT remains in administrative control. Lab Manager saves time, simplifies administration of fast changing environments and enables project teams to get to market faster.

Deliver Higher Service Levels and Lower Infrastructure Costs. Lab Manager offers unique capabilities to simplify management of the private cloud for dev/test:
* Self Service Portal - Provides on-demand access to a library of virtual machine configurations for end users while eliminating time-consuming provisioning tasks for IT by 95%.
* Automated Resource Management - Allows dynamic allocation of resources in a multi-team environment, enforces quotas and access rights, and reclaims unused infrastructure services.
* Enterprise Scalability - Provides long-term return on investment with a scalable architecture for worldwide deployment, best in class performance and seamless integrations with in-house and 3rd party solutions.

Accelerate Application Development and Testing. Give every engineer the equivalent of their own personal datacenter. In seconds, Lab Manager deploys, captures and shares any system configuration, enabling teams to rapidly prototype new applications, test software releases on a broader range of system configurations and capture, reproduce and resolve defects more easily. The Lab Manager API, as well as integrations with leading test and build management tools, provides additional automation benefits to allow for continuous testing and integration of software applications. This capability shortens delivery schedules and increases software quality.

Automate Release Management. Eliminate the risk of failed production system updates. Application owners can create faithful replicas of production systems for patch testing and seamlessly transition updated system configurations across testing, staging and production environments connected to different networks, server and storage systems. Lab Manager allows release teams to update production systems more quickly, shorten maintenance windows and avoid downtime.

Streamline Workflows, Improve Team Collaboration and Get to Market Faster. Lab Manager is ideally suited to support a broad range of use cases including:
* Support and Helpdesk Operations - Troubleshoot customer problems more quickly and improve mean team to resolution.
* Training and Education - Rapidly provision lab environments for hands-on training classes
* Product Demos - Demonstrate complex application environments in a reliable and repeatable manner
* Software Evaluations - Improve lead conversion rates with online evaluation portals powered by Lab Manager

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REMARKABLE - of course the software all works - the customer support is remarkable. My microsoft PC crashed and corrupted the download - no more credits to re-download!!! Within an hour of requesting, - a fresh download was configured by support staff. Well done.

L. Naude

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