Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Manager

Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Manager


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Provides centralized management capabilities and simplifies administration by providing IT administrators with an at-a-glance view of system recovery jobs across the entire organization. You can centrally deploy, modify and maintain recovery activities, jobs, and policies for local and remote systems; monitor real-time status; and quickly resolve any problems identified.

One license of Backup Exec System Recovery Manager can manage an unlimited number of clients running BESR (subject to an organization's system performance and bandwidth constraints); however, our recommendation is to purchase one BESR Manager license for every 500 clients you wish to manage whether they are Server, Small Business Server, or Desktop Editions or a mixture of all three.

Key Features
* Simplifies administration for organizations with more than a single system
* Provides "at-a-glance" management of systems and reduces the complexity of system protection management
* Centralized view of real-time work in progress for multiple systems
* Enables end users to recover files and other data without IT assistance or intervention

Key Benefits
* Provides a central view of all system protection and recovery activity
* Administrators can group and schedule jobs for multiple systems and define jobs for groups of users with similar needs and deploy them through drag-and-drop interface
* From a consolidated view, users can monitor the status of recovery points for an entire network
* Users can choose to have recovery points indexed, which creates a detailed list of all files within the recovery point, enabling rapid search and recovery capability

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