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Buy Toontrack EZkeys Complete VSTi AAX RTAS 1.2.5 64-bit 32-bit

Toontrack EZkeys Complete VSTi AAX RTAS 1.2.5 64-bit 32-bit
Toontrack EZkeys Complete VSTi AAX RTAS 1.2.5 64-bit 32-bit box
Category: Music Software

* Classic Electrics v1.0.2* Dream Machine v1.0.0* Electric Grand v1.0.0* Grand Piano v1.0.4* Mellotoon v1.0.1* Pipe Organ v1.0.0* Retro Electrics v1.0.2* Small Upright v1.0.0* String Machine v1.0.0* Studio Grand v1.0.0* Upright Piano v1.0.2* Vintage Uprigh...... see full description


* Classic Electrics v1.0.2
* Dream Machine v1.0.0
* Electric Grand v1.0.0
* Grand Piano v1.0.4
* Mellotoon v1.0.1
* Pipe Organ v1.0.0
* Retro Electrics v1.0.2
* Small Upright v1.0.0
* String Machine v1.0.0
* Studio Grand v1.0.0
* Upright Piano v1.0.2
* Vintage Upright v1.0.0

Included MIDI-Packs:
* A.O.R. v1.0.1
* A.O.R. Ballads v1.0.0
* Ballads v1.0.0
* Ballads 2 v1.0.0
* Blues v1.0.0
* Boogie v1.0.0
* Classic Soul v1.0.0
* Country v1.0.0
* Country Pop v1.0.0
* Disco v1.0.0
* Dream Pop v1.0.0
* Emotional Ballads v1.0.0
* Funk v1.0.0
* Fusion v1.0.0
* Gospel v1.0.0
* Hip-Hop v1.0.0
* IndiePop v1.0.1
* Jazz v1.0.0
* Jazz Ballads v1.0.0
* Keys & Strings v1.0.0
* Latin v1.0.0
* Movie Scores v1.0.0
* NeoSoul v1.0.0
* NewWave v1.0.0
* PianoPop v1.0.0
* Pop/Rock v1.1.0
* RnB v1.0.0
* Rock Ballads v1.0.1
* Seventies Prog v1.0.0
* Shuffles v1.0.0
* Singer-Songwriter v1.0.0
* UKPop v1.0.0

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Platform Windows Windows
Category Music Software
Company Toontrack
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Tags Toontrack EZkeys Complete VSTi RTAS 64-bit 32-bit

Sirs, This time I was able to download 3 CD's worth of material in just about 3hrs of time. I used a downloading program (Flashget) and was amazed at the transfer rate. Your service is GR8. Your server has one GR8 transfer rate. Customer Service is GR8. As this is only my second time getting a B.U. CD from you guys but it just seems to get better each and every time.

Vaughn Baggerly