Hands Off! 3.1.3 for Mac

Hands Off! 3.1.3 for Mac


13 Mb
Mac OS X Mac OS X
Delivery Method
HTTP or FTP Download
Protect your privacy
Keep an eye on Internet connections from all applications as to expose the hidden connections. Prevent them from sending data without your consent, hence avoiding information leakage.

Safely run untrusted applications
Manage disk access so dubious programs cannot obtain confidential information. Avert permanent changes or data loss by prohibiting disk writing. Prevent viruses and other malware infiltration.

Designate friendly applications
Specify which applications should be trusted with specific operations. The flexible configuration enables the smooth running of your activities while maintaining top security.

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I have never been one for reading testimonials never mind writing one however this service is amazing and the customer support is second to none. If you have any reservations about doing business here, well....in a word "don't". A very satisfied customer since January 2004. Thanks for all your help.

Roy Wilkinson

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