VMware vRealize Automation Appliance 7.0.1

VMware vRealize Automation Appliance 7.0.1


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This release of vRealize Automation contains a number of resolved issues as described in the Resolved Issues section, as well as the following enhancements:

IaaS prerequisites are checked as part of the upgrade wizard as well as the installation wizard.

If a vSphere reservation is configured to provision machines to individual datastores in an SDRS cluster, you can change the storage selection in the reservation to use the cluster rather than the member datastores without recreating the reservation. After the reservation is updated, existing machines are associated with the cluster instead of the individual datastore.

The custom property, VirtualMachine.NetworkN.ProfileName, can be applied at the reservation level in addition to the blueprint level.

Provisioning to Amazon AWS supports provisioning dedicated instances to non-dedicated VPCs by using the Amazon.Placement.Tenancy property.

The Connect to Remote Console action supports Ctrl-C by using a new toolbar button that sends the key combination to the guest machine.

vRealize Orchestrator logs roll over automatically based on log file size.

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