VMware vRealize Configuration Manager Enterprise 5.8

VMware vRealize Configuration Manager Enterprise 5.8


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vRealize Configuration Manager 5.8 provides several new features and resolves multiple product issues.

New platform support for Managed Machines

VCM 5.8 adds support for SLES 12 (supports all functionalities except patching). VCM can perform collection, compliance, reporting, and machine filters for this platform. SQL Server 2014 support for VCM 5.8

SQL Server 2014 is supported as part of VCM installation or upgrade, that is, the users can now install or upgrade and run VCM on an upgraded SQL server or new SQL server 2014 database. Upgraded JRE to 1.7.0_80

JRE has been upgraded to 1.7.0_80 in this release. Linux agent RPM availability during installation

RPM generation tool is available with the product installer itself. The RPM agent installation now supports all platforms like RHEL, SLES, OEL, Cent OS. If you install or upgrade the product to latest version, the RPM tool is also installed in the Collector machine. For more information, see KB 2099315. Open SSL upgrade to 1.0.1l

All Linux, Unix, or Windows agent for supported platform are upgraded to 1.0.1l. vCenter Custom Information (VCI) support

VCM 5.8 introduces vCenter Custom Information support similar to the Windows Custom Information. VCI displays configuration data that is collected from managed vCenter machines with user-defined scripts.

An option to add vCenter Custom Information filters using Python or PowerCLI scripts has been provided. The data collected from VCI filters is visible under console slider and is also available to Reporting, Compliance and Change Log. Option to Add or Modify vCenter Guest Configuration Parameters

VCM 5.8 enables you to add or modify vCenter Guest Configuration Parameters. The guest configuration parameters are used to enforce the configuration settings on guest virtual machines in virtual infrastructure to maintain compliance. All default and OOTB rule groups and templates are removed

All default and OOTB rule groups and templates are removed from VCM 5.8 in both AD compliance and MG compliance. However, the following rule groups and templates are retained:
* VMware vCenter Configuration Manager Hardening - Client
* VMware vCenter Configuration Manager Hardening - Host
* VMware vCenter Configuration Manager Hardening - SQL Server 2008 R2

Purge machines using VCM REST API

VCM 5.8 provides an option to purge machines under Available Machines using a purging work flow. TC server upgrade

TC server has been upgraded from 2.5.1 to 3.0.3. The name has also been changed to Pivotal TC server (formerly vFabric TC server).

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