Symantec Network Access Control SE 12.1.5

Symantec Network Access Control SE 12.1.5


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Symantec Network Access Control ensures that a company's client computers are compliant with the company's security policies before the computers are allowed to access the network.

Whenenforcement controls are not in place, your organization's data is vulnerable to intended loss or inadvertent loss. Recovering the data can result in down time and financial losses that are associated with lost productivity. To prevent these losses, Symantec Network Access Control controls on site and remote access to corporate network resources. Symantec Network Access Control provides a complete end-to-end network access control solution.

Symantec Network Access Control uses a Host Integrity policy and an optional Symantec Enforcer to discover and evaluate which computers are compliant. The clients that are not compliant are directed to a remediation server. The remediation server downloads the necessary software, patches, virus definition updates, and so on, to make the client computer compliant. Symantec Network Access Control also continually monitors endpoints for changes in their compliance status.

Symantec Network Access Control is a companion product to Symantec Endpoint Protection. Both products include Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, which provides the infrastructure to install and manage the Symantec Network Access Control and Symantec Endpoint Protection clients.

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